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What to Do After A Collision

What to Do After The Accident

What should you do in the aftermath of a collision? A car accident can result in trauma, which can cloud your judgment or thought process, so the team here at Premier Collision Center New Orleans has compiled a list of steps to follow immediately after you are involved in a collision.

  1. Stop your vehicle when it is clear, safe and legal to do so.
  2. Move the car out of all lanes of traffic, when is clear, safe and legal (in some states it is illegal to move a car from the place of the accident, while in other states, it is required).
  3. Turn off the ignitions of any vehicles involved in the accident.
  4. Conduct a first aid check of all people involved, and see if anyone needs medical assistance or is in immediate danger.
  5. Contact the police by dialing 911. If necessary, call emergency medical services.
  6. Mark the scene of the collision with retro-reflective triangles or flares.
  7. Remove any collision debris and objects from the road that may cause risk or damage to other motorists.
  8. Write down all the names of occupants in the vehicles, as well as any nearby witnesses of the accident.
  9. Create a diagram of where each vehicle's passengers were seated, and indicate each vehicle's direction of travel and its lane. Also note the date, time and weather conditions.
  10. Ask for the driver's license of the other motorist and write down the number.
  11. Exchange auto insurance details, but DO NOT discuss "fault" of the accident, or make statements about the collision to anyone besides the police.
  12. Get a copy of the police report of the car accident from your local police precinct. Be cooperative with the police, and avoid suggesting the accident was exclusively your fault.
  13. Take photos from the collision area and of all vehicles involved.
  14. Consider contacting someone to pick you up from the scene of the collision, as it may be unsafe for you to drive following the trauma of an accident.
  15. Call Premier Collision Center New Orleans for assistance in the New Orleans, LA area.
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